T4 statements

T4 statements

T4 statements for your employees can be inserted into Work Tyme by two methods.

First, if your accounting software allows you the ability to email each employee their own T4 then you simply need to configure some settings. Please see the Paystubs page for more information on how to set up your Work Tyme account to accept emailed T4s.

Secondly, and the more preferred way, is to simply upload your exported T4 XML file that your accounting software generates. This is the XML file that you would also be uploading to the CRA.

Work Tyme will parse the XML file and generate the T4 PDF files for each of your employees. Your employees will then be able to access their T4s from the Paystubs page.

Uploading a T4 XML file

To upload your T4 XML file first log in as an admin (see user types for more information) and click on the menu option titled “Paystubs”.

You will see a button above the table titled “Upload a T4 XML file”. Click on this button and select the T4 XML file created by your accounting software. Work Tyme will begin parsing the file and after a few moments all of your employees T4s will be accessible to them on their Paystubs page.


NOTE: The T4 XML upload will always be configured to accept the current tax year’s XML specification. If you need to upload a T4 XML file for a previous year please reach out to us for assistance.