Getting started

Getting started with Work Tyme

Creating an account

Note: Work Tyme is free for up to three employees. Once you attempt to create your fourth employee you will be prompted to enter your credit card details into Stripe but this doesn’t necessarily mean you will start being billed (see billing for more information).

To create an account on Work Tyme for your business visit the registration page and fill in the information to create your account. This process will not only create your business account but also an employee account for yourself. You will automatically be set as an admin for your business account.


First Login

When you first login you will be shown your profile page. All of your employees are shown their own profile page when they first login. An employee is able to fill in and update any information on their own profile page. Admins can also modify and change any other employee’s profile page information (including the profile pages of other admins)

Profile page

Next steps

Now that you have created your business account and have logged in with your own employee credentials we should create the company departments